If there isn't a store near you that sells our products, we encourage you to use this letter to make a request! Simply print this out and give to your local store(s) or copy and paste it into a document or into an e-mail and send to the store manager. THANK YOU!

Dear Store Manager,

Thank you in advance for acting on this request.

I’m a dedicated shopper of your store and would like to encourage you to carry McCall’s Candles.  People who are looking for highly fragrant, affordable fragrance products would definitely be pleased to find these in your store.

As a consumer, I feel it’s my responsibility to demand high quality, Made-in-the-USA products. McCall’s Candles manufactures highly fragrant candles using high quality ingredients (and lead-free wicks), with beautifully unique packaging and fragrances.  These are the best candles I have ever tried!

Currently I am ordering McCall’s Candles online and I certainly would prefer to shop locally. I urge you to visit their website at for more information on their wonderful products.  The website has a ‘Become a Retailer’ portion on their site, too, which makes it simple for you to request information. Or they would love to talk with you. You can reach them at (800) 396-0332 Monday through Friday 8-4:30pst. (they have EXCELLENT customer service, too!)

These are the products in which I am most interested:

__Classic Jar Candle™

__Double Wick Classic™

__McCall’s Candle Bars™ (retail-packaged, solid bars of fragrant wax melts)

__Reed Gardens™(reed diffusers)

__Triple Wick

__Buttons™ (round fragrant wax melts)

__Melters (decorative electric warmers for Candle Bars and Buttons)

Thank you for this consideration!