Because everyone has slightly different tastes, none of us here at McCall's have the same favorite candle fragrance. We thought you might be interested in knowing which candles we each prefer. 

 "One of my favorite fragrances is one that often gets overlooked, Spiced Pear. I forget about this great smeller, but when we light it in our house it always surprises me how good it is. The biggest fallback of it is that it lacks a cold punch (the way a candle smells before you light it). So give it a chance. You won't be sorry."

-Daniel McCall, President


"My new favorite is Blue Ribbon Banana Raisin Cream! I'm dieting and can't eat it but at least I can smell how it's going to taste after I drop 10 pounds. (Word of not eat our candles! I'm just imagining how good it would taste if I could eat it!)" 

-Dee McCall,  Artist and Vice President


"Mmmmm…there is nothing like the fresh smell of lemons. My favorite fragrance in our line has to be Laura’s Lemon Loaf. I always have one burning somewhere in my house. I love it so much because it smells just like a lemon cake baking in the oven, and it has the perfect color to brighten up every room in the house! Picking a second favorite is hard since there are so many I love, but I would probably choose the Spooner Farms. The wonderful warm burgundy color and the blended berry and citrus scent just make your mouth water!"

-Heidi Reid, Office Manager


"I have a lot of favorites...Raspberry Lemon, Apple Spice, Royal Ginger, Autumn Leaves. The fragrance that I love to burn year-round is the Cinnamon & Cranberries.  It has the fresh sweet scent of cranberry, orange and strawberry combined with rich, heart warming cinnamon. Friends always comment 'mmm, it smells so nice in here'!"

-Vicki Heramb, Customer Service Representative/HR Manager


"My favorite McCall’s fragrance has to be Raspberry Lemon. This fresh smell is one I constantly burn! It’s sweet but a little tart and fills up any room with a smell that reminds me of summer. Fresh Apple would have to be my second favorite fragrance. It smells like… well fresh apples actually! With its great deep red color, gorgeous label, and sweet smell, it makes my mouth water every time. Neither of these wonderful fragrances will disappoint!"

-Jesselyn McCall, Customer Service Representative


 "Oh goodness, so many to choose from! If I had to choose I would say one of my top favs is one of our new fragrances, Romance. I love the romantic aroma that it releases with a hint of Jasmine and the color a beautiful deep purple. Did I mention it smells similar to my favorite lotion “Love Spell” which makes me love it twice as much. As for my second favorite, I would have to go with Apple Spice with its warm red apple fragrance that emits a hint of Cinnamon & Spice. Those are my top 2 but with McCall’s variety of fragrances trust me you are bound to find a favorite fragrance of your own."

   -Maira Avila, Customer Service Representative


"It's so hard to pick one favorite candle because there are so many I love. But, I could narrow it down to three. First is Mulberry which I love because it is great year-round fragrance and whenever I burn it I get wonderful compliments. Second is Wilson's Shortbread because it smells better than I can bake! Third, Pumpkin Spice because the blend of pumpkin and cinnamon reminds me of my childhood and my mother baking pumpkin empanadas. I get hungry just thinking about it!"

-Leticia McCall, McCall's Confections


"Hmmm, how do I answer that one simply? I will always love our Vanilla and our Merlot. My other absolute favorite is Hot Buttered Rum. During the winter months it feels super cozy and decadent. Pumpkin Spice is my Fall-Go-To and my NEWEST LOVE is Orange Cranberry! I could go on and on but those are my top favs. (Oh and I am working on a Tahitian Vanilla, so get ready!)"

-Wendy McCall, Marketing Coordinator